SportsBetting Sportsbook Review

One feature does not make a sports betting website great - it's a combination of factors that ultimately add up to that. The topic on the table here is legal online sports betting options, and SportsBetting Sportsbook is about as good as it gets. Here at we take a number of site-characteristics into consideration when reviewing them. You will find that SportsBetting has plenty to offer users.

Among the topics we'll be going over further below includes things such as the ways in which money can be placed for a bet + how account holders get paid out at SportsBetting. Additionally the area of the betting odds available is covered. Of course it all starts with whether or not SportsBetting is legal - and if it is, how it can be played.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports At SportsBetting?

Yes, players living in the U.S. have the option to play at SportsBetting legally for real money. SportsBetting is not a website that is located in the U.S. - very important because it's the websites themselves that have been targeted by U.S. laws. The individual sports bettors have been left alone mostly, albeit the options are limited. SportsBetting has its operation coming from out of Panama, which is right by the U.S. This is not done by happenstance, it is done on purpose because U.S. bettors are the demographic that SportsBetting goes after.

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How To Sign Up At SportsBetting

Visit the main page at SportsBetting ( and you will see in the top corner the ability to click the link to 'join now'. This will bring bettors to the signup page, where all of the information needed to create your new account is right there. The information that is asked of you to complete is not extensive. In fact, if it took you more than three minutes to finish we'd be surprised.

To start, new users choose a password for your login - the email address that you enter. Be sure to keep track of the password that you choose and not to lose it. You will also be asked to come up with a security question for further security + any future password trouble.

Within the context of the information entered on the signup page, your address will be important as well. Residents from all 50 states are welcome at Sports Betting, but different age requirements could affect whether or not a user is old enough to bet real money in their area.

SportsBetting Sportsbook Deposit Methods - How To Fund Accounts

Of course to fill out a bet slip and place a wager, there will need to some money in your account. There will be specific ways to make sports betting deposits at every online sportsbook. SportsBetting wants their account holders to have an array of options before them. And it's not just about the numbers - it's also about creating variety of funding methods.

There are a half-dozen U.S. deposit choices that can take place. Credit card deposits seem to legitimize a site like this because people are the most comfortable with this type of online transaction. SportsBetting accepts both Visa and American Express.

Not interested in going the credit card route? That's perfectly fine. Try out a Western Union transfer or a MoneyGram transfer. Both options are readily available at the SportsBetting Sportsbook. But if you want even more choices, a cashier's check or money order can also be filled out to then deposit through the cashier at the site.

SportsBetting Deposit Methods Min. Deposit Max Deposit Fees Time To Receive
VISA $50 $3,500 6.5% Seconds
AmEx $50 $2,500 6.5% Seconds
Master Card $50 $1,500 6.5% Seconds
Discover, Diners Club, JCB $50 $1,000 6.5% Seconds
Person to Person (MoneyGram/Western Union) $50 $900 2% Few Minutes
Money Order $300 $9,000 No Fee! Under a Week
Bank Wire Transfers $1,000 No Maximum! No Fee! 1-3 Days
BitCoin $20 $3,500 No Fee!

*Exchange Rates Apply

Under 24 Hours

SportsBetting Sportsbook Withdrawal Options - How To Get Money Out

After you place a real-money wager and win, the option to withdraw will be available to you. Payouts do not have to be in total - partial withdrawals are available as well. There are three different types of checks that SportsBetting offers. Bettors can receive one in the mail, through a courier (UPS, DHL, FedEx), or an ExpressCheck. Details on the withdrawal amounts plus the fees come on site.

Payouts can also be made with Western Union and MoneyGram. Just like money can come in this way through a deposit, money can also go out this way. It takes less than two days to receive a payout here, with a ladder scale of fees-to-amount withdrawn ratio.

Other methods to withdraw include a bank wire and a cashier's check or money order. These sports betting withdrawals can take up to 10 days to be received by account holders.

SportsBetting Withdrawal Methods Min. Payout Max Payout Fees Time To Receive
Person to Person $50 $600 $26 to $101 12-36 hours
Check by Mail $500 $2,500 $25

30 Days

Check by Courier $500 $2,500 $35 15 Days
Check by EXPRESS $500 $2,500 $50 7 Days
Bank Wire Transfer $500 $24,900 $45 to $75 10 Business Days
BitCoin $20 $3,500 2% Less Than 48 Hours

SportsBetting Sportsbook Bonuses

Get free money on every deposit at SportsBetting. It's earned by way of a deposit into your account each time you fund. How much exactly can you get? The cap is set at $1,000 for each individual deposit. The more you deposit obviously the more than can be earned. Sportsbook bonuses are optional. Bonuses are entirely optional at SportsBetting- there is no requirement to take one.

SportsBetting bases how much a player earns with a bonus by the type of method they use to deposit. Earn 15 percent with a Visa or American Express deposit. For other methods like a wire transfer or money order, earn 25 percent.


Bonuses + Promos

Match Percentage Max Dollar Amount Bonus Code Cashout Requirements Claim
Welcome Bonus

*1st Time Deposits Only

50% $500 "SB50" 8x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Reload Bonus 25-50% $1,000 Check Site 10x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Mobile Betting Bonus n/a $50 "$50 Mobile Free Play" 6x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Free Live In-Game Betting n/a $25 "$25 Live Free Bet" 6x Rollover Get Bonus Now!

SportsBetting Sportsbook: Sports, Odds & Wager Types

The betting odds are the real highlight of SportsBetting, giving their account holders one of the most comprehensive and competitive sportsbooks in the world. It's evident from the first look at the site - whether you are an account holder or not. All of the available betting lines can be checked out by prospective bettors.

Professional and collegiate sports in the U.S. are the main focus here, with the NFL and college football being the two most popular sports to wager on. You find complete listing of game lines + team props, player props, futures wagers, and more.

No matter what type of sports bettor you are, the wager types available at SportsBetting will meet what you are looking for. It's not a legal betting website limited to straight bets. In fact, wagers like parlays are every bit as popular. It doesn't end at these two types though, and we encourage you to check out further for all that is available. Wagers such as if-bets, teasers and pleasers can be found. Football and basketball have the most wager types available.

SportsBetting Customer Service

Customer service and help lines are important. SportsBetting offers both a contact phone number + an email message service to assist both account holders and non-account holders. By phone, they can be reached at 1-888-843-9027. Through email, is the way to reach. Questions, comments and concerns are all welcome and addressed through these outlets.

Contact Method Time To Get Support
Telephone Support - 24/7 1-888-843-9027 Immediately!
Email Support - 24/7 24 Hours
Live Chat Support - 24/7 Available at Site Immediately!