BetOnline Sportsbook Review

Prospective bettors could be on the lookout for all kinds of different things when it comes to selecting a sports betting website where they want to make bets. BetOnline Sportsbook provides a great outlet for that, with features that make the site one of the best in the industry today. In terms of legal betting websites, BetOnline is right near the top of the list.

To learn more about BetOnline, this is the page to do it. We've taken the liberty of breaking down BetOnline into several different important topics that cover the completeness of a sports betting site. Among some of the points that will be addressed include the legality of BetOnline, how to play for real money on site + what betting odds are actually, and more. You can expect to get your full fill of BetOnline information.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports At BetOnline?

As many of you might know, betting on sports is very popular in the U.S. - even though there are laws that limit it significantly. BetOnline happens to be a site that USA players can legally wager real money on sports however. This is because the operation is based in Panama, and not in the U.S. The end result is that federal law has no bearing on BetOnline, and the company can choose to accept who they want. Among those eligible to join BetOnline are residents in all 50 U.S. states.

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How To Sign Up At BetOnline

For a bettor to lay down a wager at BetOnline, they will have to establish an account with the website first. BetOnline has links to join their site on every page on site. This makes it easy for players interested in signing up the chance to do so. Getting to the signup page will give the player the chance to create an account right away after completing the necessary information.

BetOnline breaks the signup page into three separate parts. The first is the 'setup your account' section - information such as your name, email, date of birth, and a password to use for your newly created account is completed.

Further information is required in the 'enter your details' section, which includes your address, including country, state + zip code. A contact phone number is also asked for.

The only step after that is step #3, which is where you enter a unique code to the page, and click the 'click here to create my account button' - it's that simple.

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BetOnline Sportsbook Deposit Methods - How To Fund Accounts

Your newly created account at BetOnline would then lead to depositing to fund that account. The process of funding online sportsbooks and receiving payouts from any sports betting site is very important. With respect to BetOnline, those who opt to go with this sportsbook will have plenty of opportunities and choices to select the best method for them.

Funding an account will obviously take place first, as you need to win bets to get paid out. BetOnline offers credit card deposits, wire transfers, bank wires, and even money orders. The credit card options stem from a Visa and an American Express. Credit cards are the most popular seen deposits at BetOnline.

But with wire transfers being very easy, they aren't far behind. A Western Union transfer or a MoneyGram can be used. This instantly transfers funds right into your account through the cashier on site. BetOnline has a cashier section on the website, which will have information regarding each method to deposit.

BetOnline Deposit Methods Min. Deposit Max Deposit Fees Time To Receive
VISA $50 $3,500 6.5% Seconds
AmEx $50 $2,500 6.5% Seconds
Master Card $50 $1,500 6.5% Seconds
Discover, Diners Club, JCB $50 $1,000 6.5% Seconds

Person to Person

(MoneyGram/Western Union)

$50 $900


*No fees for deposits over $300

Few Minutes
Money Order $300 $9,000 No Fee! Under a Week
Bank Wire Transfers $1,000 No Maximum! No Fee! 1-3 Days
BitCoin $20 $3,500 No Fee!

*Exchange Rates Apply

Under 24 Hours

BetOnline Sportsbook Withdrawal Options - How To Get Money Out

Once a player has decided to withdraw some or all of their winnings, they can do so very easily. Withdrawals at online sportsbooks are matter of submitting a request, getting approved, and receiving your payout. The withdrawal options include checks, wire transfers, bank wires, and money orders.

When considering your method, players will want to go with what is best for them. This could be limited depending on how much is being paid out + how long they are looking to get their money. For example, a check could take one week to four weeks - a wire transfer can take 36-48 hours only. Of course, another aspect of payouts to be make note of are fees that come along with payouts. BetOnline will offer free withdrawals once per month however.

BetOnline Withdrawal Methods Min. Payout Max Payout Fees Time To Receive

Person to Person

(MoneyGram/Western Union)

$50 $600 $26 to $101 12-36 hours
Check by Mail $500 $2,500 $25

30 Days

Check by Courier $500 $2,500 $35 15 Days
Check by EXPRESS $500 $2,500 $50 7 Days
Bank Wire Transfer $500 $24,900 $45 to $75 Up To 10 Business Days
BitCoin $20 $3,500 2%

*Exchange Rates Apply

Less Than 48 Hours

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses

Bonuses play an important role in choosing a sports betting website as well. For BetOnline, we certainly haven't found one that is better. That's because the bonus extends to all deposit options - not just the first deposit. The BetOnline Sportsbook offers a 'lifetime' bonus, where bettors can get a 25 percent match to a maximum of $1,000.

The percentage that is being matched will depend on the deposit method. For credit card funding, it’s a 15 percent match. For every other method it's a 25 percent match. There certainly is some incentive to deposit in other ways than a credit card from the perspective of the bonus. Still, credit cards are the most popular.


Bonuses + Promos

Match Percentage Max Dollar Amount Bonus Codes Cashout Requirements Claim
Welcome Bonus 25% $1,000 "FIRST" 10x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Reload Bonus 50% $1,000 Check Site 10x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Live Betting Bonus n/a $25 n/a 6x Rollover Get Bonus Now!
Mobile Betting Bonus n/a $50 n/a 6x Rollover Get Bonus Now!

BetOnline Sportsbook: Sports, Odds & Wager Types

It's likely that the biggest indicator of why you want to go with a sportsbook might be the betting odds. BetOnline is stacked full of many sports and many odds - centering on those in the United States. It's obvious that this site was made for the U.S. bettor, with odds on the NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, + plenty more.

BetOnline has all of their available betting lines to glance over without having an account as well. There are several different sections to go into - including a live wagering section. BetOnline excels in live wagering, which is one of the newer concepts to legal sports betting sites.

As far as the different bets that can be made, BetOnline has the full crop. The most commonly accepted wagers are straight bets, but the list certainly doesn't stop there. Football and basketball will be the areas where you will have the most opportunities to bet on different outcomes. But every sport available will have multiple wager types, such as parlays, teasers, pleasers, if-bets, and round robins.

BetOnline Customer Service

BetOnline encourages questions and players to get help if they need. Call at 1-888-426-3661, or send an email at for your inquiries. It's not only questions that they accept either - BetOnline loves player feedback.

Contact Method Time To Get Support
Telephone Support - 24/7 1-888-426-3661 Immediately!
Email Support - 24/7 24 Hours