Sports Betting Deposits

The process to wager real money at a sports betting website is conducted through a deposit into the account that you have created. But you can't just use any method that you want - the ways to fund an account will be determined by the sports betting sites themselves. The good news is that many of the ways to make a deposit into your sports betting site account is through the use of very common transactions.

This is a very important part of the entire online sportsbook process. We want to provide you with further insight about the specifics of depositing that you will find at sports betting websites. Get the lowdown on some of the most commonly found funding methods. From there, compare what is available across actual sportsbooks to match the site that works best for you. Reviews of several betting sites are found throughout pages on this site as well.

Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods For USA Players

Making a deposit into an online sportsbook is simple. Websites will make this process as painless as possible for the player. This allows users to focus on the bets they want to make, and less about having to hassle with making sure that the funds are available. Often, betting websites will have an entire team dedicated to working the cashier + banking section to provide information on the funding methods found below.

Credit Cards - At sports betting websites (especially those where U.S. players are legally accepted) you will find credit card options as methods to deposit. The type of credit card accepted is not constant at all sportsbooks. Visa is widely available, and American Express can be found quite a bit as well. MasterCard can be used, but usually at non-U.S. sportsbooks. You don't often see MasterCard accepted until maybe after a relationship between the player and the sportsbook is well-established. As far as how the credit card deposit works, if you have made any online purchase then you are familiar with the process. The card number + billing information will be required. The transaction will appear on your statement.

Prepaid/Gift Cards - Prepaid cards that have an accepted logo brand of credit card at the betting site will be allowed in most cases. Examples include a prepaid Visa card or gift card - acting just like a credit card in terms of how it funds the account.

Wire Transfers - Easy methods to electronically transfer money through means of a Western Union wire transfer or even a MoneyGram transfer are often found. This is a fast way to deposit + one that will work for those who don't want to put credit card information online. Cashiers at sportsbooks are well-prepared to receive this form of funding. Each sports betting website will have its own limitations on the deposit amounts. Once received, the funds are instantly transferred.

Cashier's Check/Money Order - Either of these methods are often found at legal sports betting websites that accept players from the United States. They are a nice alternative to electronic transfers. Cashiers’ checks + money orders can be sent to the sportsbook customer service for depositing.

Bank Wire - For players who might be thinking of depositing big money, a bank wire could be your option if it’s an accepted method. The high limits are what are appealing to big players, and bank wires come with the biggest limits. This is especially true in the case of sportsbooks that American players can sign up for. Each sportsbook will have its specific limit, but in general a bank wire deposit option will have high limits.

Prepaid Vouchers - Some sportsbooks will allow players to purchase a voucher - then enter that voucher number into their account to complete the transaction. Sites will have specific vouchers that they accept which will be listed.

E-Wallets (Non-USA) - An e-wallet is an Internet payment medium that allows for the transfer of funds where the only information required is the account number from the e-wallet. No personal information or financial numbers are given to the site. If an e-wallet is accepted, then the account number there is sufficient. These are rarely available at online sportsbooks and U.S. players will likely need to use one of the methods above.

Best Sports Betting Site For Deposits: Bovada Sportsbook

Deposit options are certainly nice at Bovada Sportsbook. This is an American-friendly sports betting website where each method available to fund an account can be used by residents in the United States. This is not always the case at most sportsbooks - Bovada is pretty unique in this respect.

Leading the way to make a deposit is a Visa card option. This is the most popular method of deposit among the account holders here. But there are two wire transfer options that Bovada refers to as 'Rapid Transfers'. They are a Western Union deposit + a MoneyGram deposit. This gives account holders three great options to begin playing for real money on some of the fantastic betting lines that Bovada forms every day.

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