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The discussion and information out there regarding the legality of betting websites isn't the clearest at times. But you've stumbled onto a site that has the intention of turning that around. is a site that is all about giving bettors the proper information that they need to wager on their favorite sports online. Of course, information on the topic is just one aspect - there is another equally important topic of conversation throughout our pages as well. That would be giving our readers actual legal sites that they are able to go to and place bets online for real money.

Below we attempt to cover the majority of topics you will find on our site, answering some of the most-asked and important questions about legal online sports betting. Additionally, we mentioned giving actual websites where this can be done. You will be able to read about some of these sites as well. Much of what we talk about relates to U.S. bettors and websites where U.S. residents are able to wager legally. However it's important to keep in mind international players. In many cases, sites where U.S. players are accepted will also welcome international players.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Are Legal

Now comes the time to get right into the question "are sports betting sites are legal?" There are many, but only a select few make it to this page because they demonstrate the highest form of quality and service that we come to expect from an online sportsbook. Check them out, but also be sure to visit our full reviews of each on their individual pages for more in-depth coverage.

Is It Legal To Bet On College Football Online?

With so many great matchups set to take place this weekend in the opening phases of the 2017 NCAA gridiron season, it’s reassuring to know you won’t miss a single moment of the action thanks to the offshore online sportsbooks that make it legal to bet on college football. Our top picks in this rapidly growing online sports betting segment are Bovada and Sportsbetting, based in Latvia and Antigua, respectively. These online sportsbooks really know how to cater to American sports betting tastes, and they stack their weekly betting lines with plenty of college football odds on all your favorite teams. Best of all, they are fully licensed and regulated by their own nations’ gaming authorities, so there’s no need to worry about getting into legal trouble despite federal and state prohibitions on sports betting for domestic gambling operators.

This week’s top matchups are all represented in the Bovada and SportsBetting lines, but the top spot has got to go to the meeting between Florida State and Alabama, both potential frontrunners to take the 2017 national championship title. Bovada lists FSU as the underdog at +240 and has Alabama as the favorite at -280, but only separates the two by a mere 7 1/2 -point spread, so this contest will be not only significant but should be exciting as well. Other solid picks this weekend include what could be an interesting if not overly informative Michigan/Florida contest and totally lopsided Ohio State/Indiana and Wisconsin/Utah State games, both with 27-point spreads to cover.

Bovada Sportsbook - Accepting US Players From 45 States!

We kick things off with Bovada Sportsbook, simply because it is our No.1 legal sportsbook where players from the U.S. can visit + bet. Bovada ranks as our highest sports betting website for several reasons. The site allows players in 45 states to create accounts - Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and New York bettors are unable to participate. For the lucky 45 states that are accepted though, you are all in for a treat.

Bovada has an expansive list of sports + leagues that are covered - mostly centered on U.S. sports. But international sports are covered to on a grand scale. Bettors will be able to find a wide variety of betting lines within each sport-section. Be sure to check out the full review of Bovada that spans not only specifics about the odds on the site, but the entire betting process as well.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Top-Rated Sports Betting Site For USA

BetOnline has all of the features a bettor could want in a great sportsbook. It starts with BetOnline being legal for American bettors to sign up and create an account. BetOnline does accept residents from all 50 U.S. states - no exclusions. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are at least 18 years old, or the minimum age to gamble in your state, and there will be no issues.

Joining BetOnline is a very simple process - bettors will be able to have their account made official within minutes. Real-money wagers can be made once an account is funded. BetOnline is one of the industry leaders in deposit options. A complete listing of funding methods for BetOnline + other information on what to expect when visiting the site can be found on BetOnline's full review.

SportsBetting Sportsbook - Legal Sports Betting At Its Finest!

If you are interested in how to cook, you might want to check out a website that has something like "how to cook" in its domain name wouldn't you? So it stands to reason that if you are interested in sports betting online, you might want to check out The logic here seems undeniable. If you are looking for a fantastic legal betting website then SportsBetting is a place that you really can't go wrong.

You'll find that as you become more familiar online sports betting, that some sportsbooks feature better things that others. This is the case for SportsBetting on a number of aspects - led by a fantastic sportsbook bonus that is given out to players. Learn more about this sportsbook bonus, plus other great features in our SportsBetting breakdown.

Rank Legal Sports Betting Sites U.S. Sign Up Bonus Bonus Cap Bet Today: More Info
1 Legal USA Sports Betting Site 50% Cash Bonus $250 Visit Bovada Review
2 BetOnline Legal USA Sports Betting Site 25% Free Play $1000 Visit BetOnline Review
3 Sportsbetting Legal USA Sports Betting Site 50% Free Play $500 Visit SportsBetting Review
Is It Legal To Bet Sports Online?

This is probably the most-asked question that we come across when the issue of online sports betting is brought up. The reasoning behind this question is certainly logical as well. That's because sports wagering is very limited in the United States due to several federal laws.

However, even with the laws that are currently in place, they still allow for bettors living in the United States to wager legally at websites that accept them. Within the details of these sites that accept U.S. players though, you will come to find out that they are based offshore. What the term 'offshore' implies is that the sports betting sites do not operate in the U.S - federal law prohibits this. But what the law doesn't specifically ban are bettors placing wagers. This allows for offshore sites to accept U.S. residents + bet real money legally.

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use?

We've established that U.S. bettors are able to legally participate in placing real money wagers at online sports betting websites located outside of the U.S. The next logical question would be to discuss the safety of these sites. Initial thoughts might lead one to think that because USA sports betting websites aren't allowed, the offshore sites might be sketchy - like a Nigerian Prince is running them.

This couldn't be further from the truth. The evidence is in the facts, research + industry reviews. You can read a number of reviews to question is it safe to bet on sports online. Reputable online sportsbooks are very safe and take very good care of their account holders.

Are These Sports Betting Websites Legit? Can I Really Play And Win Real Money?

There very well could be betting websites out there that try to pull the wool over a bettor's eyes. Fortunately for you though we do not associate with any site that even has a hint at not being legit. only deals with the top-rated sites in the industry. Whether through peer review, word of mouth, or licensing + certifications, the websites that you come across throughout our pages, like the ones just above, are 100% legit.

These legal sports betting sites specialize in accepting and paying out bets that their account holders have won. Specific and strict processes + policies are followed. You will have the opportunity to read about the process of real-money bets in our deposits and withdrawals sections.

Federal Sports Betting Laws To Know

We said at the onset that sports betting in the U.S. was very limited - but it can be done. We've explained to you that it can be done online, but it can also happen on land as well. There are three federal laws that have sculpted the outlook of sports betting in the United States - we wanted to briefly mention them for a couple of reasons. First - to explain the state of affairs and what the laws are. Second - to explain why + how bettors are still able to legally place wagers with the laws in existence.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - The UIGEA was established in 2006. This is a law relating to online gambling. It doesn't make placing a bet online illegal however. The focus of the UIGEA is on the gambling business, and the process that goes into accepting and processing money placed for a wager. This is what is banned by the UIGEA - which still allows for online bets to be made at offshore sportsbooks. Whether it was the intention of the UIGEA to still allow for this or not, the law is specific that it can still happen.

Federal Wire Act - Ruled in 2011 that it only covers sports betting, the Wire Act is the oldest of the three federal laws relating to gambling. The Wire Act and the UIGEA have a similar founding principle - opting to attack the business and not the bettor. The Wire Act takes away wire communication abilities which could aid in the processing of real-money bets on sports.

Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act - PASPA banned sports betting in the United States in all but four states. The four states (Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon) all applied for immunity under the law and met the stipulations that were required prior to its implementation. Only Nevada and Delaware have legal and licensed sportsbooks on land to place wagers though - Montana and Oregon do not.

Learn More About Using Legal Sports Betting Sites

Legal betting online + on land can be done in the U.S. for sports - this much we know. We also know that the laws in place at the federal level allow for this, and there are no tricks or loopholes taken. We know that these websites are safe + legit, and we provided several examples of real sites to check out. But within these sports betting websites, there will be common processes that are followed. is your go-to source for specific pages dedicated to these processes.

Deposits & Payouts At Legal Sports Betting Websites

To play for real money at a sports betting website, there will be the process of funding an account and getting paid out on any winnings. You will find that sportsbooks offer numerous deposit options, but that these funding methods are also unique to the site. What works for one, may not work for another. As a bettor you need to be prepared for that. As such, in your search for legal betting sites we suggest you take a look at the deposits before joining to make sure you can use one of the methods.

When getting paid out, the same thought-process should apply. Various sites will have different payout methods. Things like the time it takes to receive a payout will be different by withdrawal method. On our deposits and withdrawal pages we've got information on the choices you will come into contact with.